Shuberg Oil coolers are designed to cool the oil on high performance and competition engines.These oil to air coolers are interspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed into corrugations to provide air ways. The design is beautifully simple and efficient. Click here...


SHUBERG direct replacement hose kits don’t just add race-bred style to an engine bay; Their high performance construction ensures total component reliability and can take far higher temperatures and pressures without deterioration, no matter what you put them through. Click here...



Optima Blue-Top

Installing an OPTIMA® BlueTop® high-performance AGM battery in your boat or RV means more running time and up to 3 times more recharges than what you’d get out of a traditional battery. It’s perfect for boats with electric trolling motors, onboard electronics or stereo systems and RV's with “creature comforts” that tend to drain batteries quickly. In addition to providing weight savings and outstanding vibration resistance, the BlueTop’s efficient power delivery and faster recharge time mean you’ll spend less time worrying about your battery. The OPTIMA BlueTop is ideal for those who need a sure-starting, strong cranking, maintenance-free power source.

Optima Yellow-Top

Demand More from Your Vehicle?

The YellowTop® high-performance AGM battery is one of the only true dual-purpose automotive batteries available. With premium cranking power and unparalleled cycling capability (rechargeability), it is perfect for modern accessory-loaded vehicles. The YellowTop can repeatedly bounce back from deep power drains to full energy capacity, so it can power plenty of electronics and still start you up time after time. Lower internal resistance also provides more consistent power output and faster recharges. Trucks with winches, vehicles with multiple electronics, cars with high-demand audio systems, commercial vehicles and heavy equipment all rely on this battery to provide ultimate starting and deep cycle power.


The OPTIMA® is like no other battery found in today's market. OPTIMA®'s unique SPIRALCELL® design offers the greatest technology in providing a strong and clean power source that far surpasses any of today's traditional lead/acid batteries. With OPTIMA®, you can count on longer lasting battery life under starting and deep cycle applications. Today's power demands are greater than ever. Over the course of the century we have upgraded and modified our vehicles in such a way never imagined by early engineers.

There continues to be more lights, DVD screens, gaming systems, stereos, computers, and mobile phones being integrated into cars, increasing greater power demands on electrical systems. OPTIMA® can provide all the power needed to run these power hungry devices. The OPTIMA® battery, with its spill-proof case helps to ensure the safety of the environment, your family and you. Powerful, 2x longer-life, spill-proof, vibration resistance, multi-position installation, whether you're working, driving cross country or just for play, let OPTIMA® help deliver the power demands you require.

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